Volunteers, Fieldtrip and More Voicethreads and Poems!

Volunteers, Fieldtrip and More Voicethreads and Poems!

Wow! Lots happening this week!!! Tomorrow, we have the fieldtrip to the waterslides. Wednesday will be a general clean up of the classroom with our class party in the afternoon. Thursday is the K-3 Fun Day which is also a half day for the students. Friday is the end of year ceremony. School will be dismissed when the ceremony is completed. So, lot’s of things to think about!

We had a great day today seeing the “one-man-bands”. The students did a fantastic job on them and we had lots of fun listening to them. I will show pictures of the bands later on this week.

Waterslides Fieldtrip:

For the fieldtrip tomorrow, students will be leaving on the bus at 9:00. Please get them to bring:

  • sunscreen,
  • hat,
  • swimsuit,
  • lunch,
  • backpack,
  • warm clothing (in case of rain or cold weather),
  • towel.

Students can also bring money for the canteen if they like but not too much.

Fun Day

I am looking for some volunteers to help out with Fun Day on Thursday. The centers are all based on a Western Theme. Any help would be appreciated. The centers are all easy and fun and it’s also a half day!! So, come out for some fun and a chance to see your child in action! If you are able to help out, please let me know!!

Here are some more voicethreads for you to enjoy!!

Our Poetry Tournament has reached the finals with “Why?” and “Maybe Dats Youwr Pwoblem Too!” beating out “Me” and “Monday”. Wednesday at 9:30 will be the final match-up with two secret people being chosen to do the final reading. If you would like to see the match up, please feel free to drop by at 9:30. It should be a rousing match with some tough choice having to be made!!!!

Here are the poems from today read by students from the class.







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  1. I will put the voicethreads on the blog as soon as I come back from my trip to La Crete, Stef! Don’t worry!!!! Mr.H

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