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Food Drive and Spelling

We had a great day playing with our new pets – our isopods!! I do have pictures and a video but will have to add them later.

We have started our annual Christmas food drive. Please donate lots of food items to our class. While the intermediate class with the most food items wins a pizza party, we are more focused on how we can give to those in our community who need love, compassion and food during this holiday season.

Here is the spelling for the week:

Spelling P1 by ihancock

Here is the link to Spelling City. Don’t forget to bring me your practice quiz or signed planner to get your bonus mark!


Catapults Due Friday!

Just a reminder that snowball catapults are due on Friday! Students, don’t leave these to the last minute!

In honor of our first science challenge coming to an end, I found this hilarious video of a real life “trebuchet” (a form of catapult) that flings cars around the countryside.

I also found this fun game for you to start practicing your snowball aim in preparation for Friday! :) Just click on the “x” in the top right corner to get rid of the ad.

Music of the Week

We had a great week of music this week. As we count down the days to Christmas, we have begun our exploration of Christmas music. This week we started with Bach’s Christmas Oratorio. Bach was a genius of music but was not recognized as such in his day. In fact, when he died, he was buried in an unmarked grave. It was not until 100 years later that his musical genius was realized and his music and musical style began to become recognized as one of the most important musical periods. He also had 21 kids which is amazing all by itself, though I would not call that part genius.

And as a bonus, one of my favorite Christmas videos:

Christmas Food Drive!

Salvation Army Food Drive


We are excited to be starting our Salvation Army food drive.  We will begin tomorrow, November 21st and collect items until December 17th.  We have typically made this a class competition, with each of  the intermediate classes trying to collect the most cans and win a class pizza party!  We would appreciate your support with the food drive as the Salvation Army is in desperate need of food items this year.  Nutritious canned and dried foods are appreciated and we ask that no Mr. Noodles, pop or water be sent in.  Thank you!

Spelling For the Week and Other Events

We have had some great things happening lately in our class and more great things coming up!

In Science, students got to play with worms last week. Mr. Bird very nicely brought in some of his compost with a number of beautiful worms. Students did lots of great scientific observations of their worms and learned quite a bit about these simple, yet surprisingly fascinating creatures. They are now in our habitats. This week we should have our next inhabitants for the habitats; our isopods!

In Language Arts, we have finished our writing unit on Ideas with our tragic stories. Students wrote an extremely tragic story about their characters who had almost everything they wanted, except for one thing which they couldn’t get. We will have the stories up on the board soon for you to read.

This week, students will be going skating on Friday. Permission forms will be going home today. Please return them signed and with money (if necessary) as soon as possible.

Families First Event with Jim Anderson: On Tuesday, November 18, at 7:00pm, City Life Church is excited to have Pastor Jim Anderson speak at our Families First event. He will be talking about how to raise kids and teens to embrace purity in an impure world. The event will be held in the chapel. Everyone is welcome to come!

Here are the spelling words for the week.

Spelling O6 by ihancock

Here is the link to Spelling City. Remember to bring in your signed spelling certificate or get your planner signed by your parents showing that you got 100% on the practice quiz to get your bonus mark for the spelling test!


The memory verse for this week is:

If I say, “Surely the darkness will hide me and the light become night around me,”even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.


Social Studies Test on Tuesday, November 18

Here is the study guide for tomorrow’s test. The paper copy was handed out to students last week.

Grade 4 Social Studies

Events Coming Up

Some events coming up soon that I wanted to make you aware of:

Nov. 13 – Knights Day: Students are allowed to wear their Highroad Apparel with jeans.

Nov. 18 – Crazy Hat Day: Along with the primary, students are allowed to design, build and wear their craziest hat. The sky’s the limit so have fun!

Nov. 28 – Half day for students: Teachers will be working on report cards so students will only have a half day of school.

Nov. 28 – Science Challenge Projects due! We will have some fun catapulting snowballs around the classroom.

Remembrance Day Events Tomorrow

Just a reminder that our Remembrance Day ceremony is tomorrow at 2:00pm in the gym.

Students are required to wear full dress uniforms. Please make sure that students have cardigans for tomorrow.

Picture of a Poppy, The Menin Gate, Ypres

Picture of a Poppy, The Menin Gate, Ypres

We know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us. Romans 5:3-5

My Grandfather never talked about the war. He was an airplane mechanic in England and Scotland during World War II. He serviced the airplanes fighting in the dramatic dogfights taking place over the English Channel and over France. Though he was luckier than the ones who actually charged out of the trenches to uncertain fates, he still felt that it was a terrible event and did not want to bring sadness to me by re-telling and re-living the friends he lost and the atrocities of that time. However, with Remembrance Day coming once again, it is important that these memories not be lost. We often take for granted the peace and abundance we have in our country without thinking of the sacrifices made so that we can enjoy them. Our children need to know this history and how our world was changed. It is important to keep these memories of our grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, aunts who served freely and without reservation knowing what it would mean to the next generations. My Grandfather never talked to me. Let’s talk to our children. Tell them, teach them, share with them these events so they do not happen again.

Our First Science Challenge!

As you may know, I love creativity and getting kids to think outside of the box. I believe that there is nothing more important than teaching students how to think for themselves and not having to depend on others to solve things for them or think for them. Not every problem we encounter can be easily solved and many of the problems facing this next generation will require some very creative thinking. slider5

As a result, last year, I came up with the idea of giving science challenges to the students as a way to get them thinking in creative ways and to develop problem solving skills. I also wanted to devise a way for families to do something together to help parents build these skills in their children. I didn’t want just homework that involved doing the same work over and over that they had already done in school. I wanted something that the whole family could enjoy and work together on as a family; as problem solvers! These Science challenges are meant to be fun, family projects. I will provide plenty of time to work on the projects. There will be no winners or losers. Every idea should be and will be celebrated.


However, there will be accountability in that, students will be marked on their completed projects. It will be marked as part of their marks for the report card. The mark will simply consist of 5 points for completed project, 3 points for projects that are complete but are late and 0 marks for students who do not complete the projects.

I encourage you to do these projects as a family. Your child can work with you, with their siblings or anyone else in their families (immediate or otherwise) who is interested in participating. However, the keyword is working with you! Please do not do the project for your child as that negates the whole purpose. If you have any questions, please feel free to come talk to me:

So here it is, This term’s Science Challenge:

Make a snowball catapult using some/all of the following materials, but nothing else. Scissors may be used in construction but not in the solution.

  • 6 Chopsticks or sticks that are the same size
  • Plastic Cup
  • Several Medium-width Elastic Bands
  • Sticky Tack
  • Pen
  • Tape

The catapult will need to be able to launch a paper “snowball”. This project is due Friday, Nov. 28 !


Spelling For The Week

Sorry for the delay. Here are the spelling words for the week along with the link to Spelling City:


Here is the link to Spelling City. Remember to show me your signed note in your planner or the certificate to earn your bonus point!

SpellingO5 (ihancock v1)

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