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Spelling for This Week-Sept. 29

It’s the start to another busy week and we are starting off with a bang!

We started spelling this week and I wanted to go over some of the different aspects of the spelling program we do in our class.

Each week, students get 20 words to practice. These words are done in class with 10 words done on Monday and 10 words done on Tuesday. Students record the spelling words in their spelling books and add the markings. On Tuesday, students record the spelling words in their planner. Now, I know what you are thinking. That means students get one less day to practice! Not quite.

On Monday, the spelling list is listed on the blog. Students can practice the entire list off that day’s blog entry. The awesome thing is that students can also use a great website, called Spelling City, to practice their words. Each week there will be a button students can click that will take them to that week’s spelling list. Students can use Spelling City to practice their words, play games with that week’s spelling list words and print off handwriting pages with that week’s spelling words.

The other great thing is that students can take the spelling test and see how they do. Not only that but, and the students were very excited by this, if the students do the test and get 100% and bring the test to me, I will give them a bonus mark on the Spelling Test on Friday. Once the spelling test is done, there will be an option to print out the results or the certificate. If students bring that to me and if they got 100% on the practice test, they will get a bonus. Alternatively, if you don’t or can’t print out the results, students can get their parents to write the result and that the student did the test in the student’s planner with the parent’s signature. I will also give a bonus point if the students do that.

Here are the spelling words for this week:

Spelling 01 by ihancock

Here is the link to Spelling City. Just click on the button below:

Terry Fox and Class Party

It was a special day at Highroad today as students participated in Terry Fox Day. Students watched a video during chapel and then did four laps around the field as we commemorated the life of an amazing Canadian. I always get choked up whenever I see the video. Just the courage and strength of faith as he battled to overcome all the challenges placed in front of him doing something he was passionate about. Terry Fox sort of epitomizes and personalizes one of the challenges I want to place on the students this year; that while things will be hard, nothing worth doing ever comes easily and if we persevere, we can do great things. He was an amazing man whose joy came from helping others. He personally sacrificed a great deal to bring hope and happiness to others. While we can only do a little to remember him, it is still important to remember an ordinary person who became …

…. a hero.

Here we are on our run this afternoon and enjoying oranges donated by one of our wonderful parents.

On Friday, students will be having their first class party. The students have earned enough stars for good behavior to earn their party. I have been very impressed with their good behavior and the students have truly earned this reward. For Friday, I have told the students that I will bring the drinks but that they need to contribute the snacks. Only small items are needed. Cookies, chips, squares, veggies, fruit, etc would be greatly appreciated. Just a reminder that none of the food items should have peanuts, nuts or peanut oil in the ingredients. Thank you!

Thank you as well for helping your child be consistent in their Xtramath. While it may become monotonous for the children, you are building and strengthening those neurons in the brain that help with math functioning. The more repetition, the stronger those connections become.

Memory Verse and Spelling

All the students did very well in their memory verse last week. It was great being able to all do it together during our chapel this week with all the Grades 4-6 reciting the same verses. It created a nice sense of unity in the Intermediate Department.

Here is the memory verse for this week:

You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways.Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely.

Psalm 139:3 and 4

You should find the verse glued into the planner today.

We are also going to be starting Spelling this week, with the class doing a 30 word spelling diagnostic test to determine each students spelling level. The test is only for diagnostic purposes, not as a mark for their report card.

In Science we have started looking at Habitats. Last week, we ended off our Oobleck unit discussing how the procedures and discussions the students had been involved in were exactly the same types of things real scientists were involved in as they attempted to send a mechanical robot to Mars. Just as students had no initial information about Oobleck beyond what they could see, hear, feel, and taste, Scientists had very limited information about Mars while having to develop a vehicle that could deal with every situation. We ended off watching this very cool video showing the entire process of launching and landing the Mars Rover.

Toonies for Terry

On Wednesday, Sept. 24th the intermediates will be involved in Terry Fox day. This is an annual event where we remember the tremendous courage and strength of a Canadian hero. Terry Fox raised awareness for Cancer during his short life and was/is an inspiration for millions. During chapel on Wednesday, we will be watching a short video on his life. Throughout the day, students will be going outside and doing a short run. We are asking for students to bring a Toonie which will go towards cancer research. If we had anyone who could bring sliced oranges as well, that would be great.

Did You Know I Love Star Wars??

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Bible Memory Verse day!

I just saw this video and I knew that I had to share it with all of you!!!


Chromebooks and Writing

As you may have heard your child talking about, the intermediates have the great privilege of having the use of a class set of Chromebooks. Chromebooks are a wonderful tool that can be used and will be used for a variety of activities. Chromebooks are inexpensive laptops that are fast and very easy to use. They are also very secure. The kids have been really enjoying and we have been using them for learning about coding, doing class polls on a variety of questions and for our writing.

The word processing tools developed by Google are perfect tools to use for our writing program. Unlike a program like Microsoft Word, the Google Docs writing program is a slimmed down writing tool that is really easy for the students to use. One of the nice features of the Google Docs tool is that it is a very collaborative environment. Students and I can work right within the document at the same time to make comments, fix areas that need attention and chat about their work in progress. These tools have a lot of potential and I am very excited to see where it leads us.

Our writing this year is going to take us through a wide number of areas. Our goal is to start with small paragraphs and work on building the small paragraphs into larger pieces of writing by focusing on adding details, interesting words, and other elements. We want to start small so students are not overwhelmed. We will start by looking at Ideas and how we develop ideas; from coming up with a single writing idea to how to expand on that idea to include related ideas. Last day, we started off by discussing what makes a good story and the students definitely knew the elements that made a good piece of writing. The trick will be to get the students to recognize that in their own writing. :)

Writing is one of the hardest things students learn to do in school. It involves almost a whole body and brain effort.

In Science, students are just about done their Designs for their Oobleck machines. Students had spent some time discussing the properties of Oobleck as part of replicating a scientific convention. Using those agreed upon properties, students designed and drew machines that could survive on a planet full of Oobleck. Next, we will be learn about how scientists use the same process to investigate questions, build knowledge and create things to deal with problems. Hopefully students will learn that what they are doing and will be doing in Science this year, is exactly what real scientists do everyday.

16x20 we can do hard things alma navy

How Are You Going To Be A Hero Today?

First of all, it looks like you had a good sleep. Good job! You look great today!

It has been a busy week already. And it’s only going to get busier! Students should be practicing their Xtramath facts as many nights of the week as possible including weekends.

To the Parents:

Please don’t skip to other levels of the Xtramath. Students should be completing them in order of addition, subtraction and multiplication with each one being competed in order.

If your child is having difficulty with the layout of the keyboard, practice with your child finding the number keys before they start the program so they become more familiar with where the numbers are.

To the Students:

Yes, it will be hard and, yes, it will be hard for awhile but nothing worth doing comes easily at first. It will get easier and you will get better at it. When something is hard, you don’t give up. You try harder. The questions will go fast. They are supposed to go fast. You will get faster too. If you had all the time in the world to answer a question, it wouldn’t help your brain to learn to be faster at remembering.

Showing that you can stick to something, even when it is hard, is one of the qualities that all heroes have. Yes, I did say heroes. You can be a hero simply by always doing your best and persevering when things gets hard. Persevering is a tough word but I think you know what I mean. Spiderman wouldn’t be much of a hero if he ran away when the bad guys came at him. Superman would be just a strange guy in tights if he flew away and hid when things got hard.

I know you are not Spiderman or Superman. But you are still a hero and you can still be a hero.

You can be a hero in the things you do or say everyday. Heroes are made when ordinary people decide to do extraordinary things. God has given you the tools to be a hero to the people around you. Those tools are the fruits of the spirit.


Still confused? Watch this!

So, who has been a hero to you? How are you going to be an extraordinary hero to others today? Don’t wait for a signal. Be the hero God meant you to be. You have everything you need to make someone else’s day more awesome.

Do Awesome, Be Awesome, Live Awesome

Oobleck Is Good For You

Not to eat, of course.

Over the past couple of days in Science, students have been practicing what it means to be a scientist. They have been exploring the scientific process, experimenting, asking big questions and being creative. We started the process with experimenting on how to make paper airplanes go further. On Thursday, students were given a mysterious substance supposedly found in Mr. H’s backyard. We had a great time experimenting with it and studying it’s properties. Do you remember what properties are? We can find the properties of objects around us by using our 5 senses; what we see, feel, hear, smell and taste. So,

Properties are the things or words we use to describe different objects so we can tell them apart.

We played with and investigated the properties of Oobleck to help us understand what made Oobleck different from other substances like water or play-do. The students had some wonderful properties you discovered as you worked with the Oobleck.
We then held a scientific convention to decide upon some “truths” about Oobleck and come up with a set of laws that were true about Oobleck. We are now in the design phase of the process.


Oobleck, of course, is a real substance. It’s very distinctive property of being both a solid and a liquid has made Scientists curious for a long time. When left alone, Oobleck will act like a liquid. However, when squeezed, hit or pushed on, it will suddenly act like a solid, cracking and breaking under pressure. Scientists still do not know why it does this but they do know that Oobleck is a mixture of 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part water.

If you have lots of time and lots of Oobleck, you could do this:

Here is a video showing what Oobleck does when you put it on top of a very loud speaker!!! What do you notice? Would water do this is you did the same thing? Why don’t you try it and find out?

This week is the start of our Bible Memory Verses for Homework. Our two verses are below. We are doing something different this year with the Bible Memory verses. All grades 4-6 will be studying the same verses. We are doing this for a couple of reasons. First of all, it helps families with more than one student in the intermediate to have their children working on the same verse. Secondly, we are working on building a distinctive identity for the intermediate department and this helps us to build unity and a common purpose. I will hear the student’s memory verses on Friday.

You have searched me, LORD, and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar.

Psalm 139:1,2

New Dates, xtramath and Homework Board

I love the fall. The beautiful sun, the cool and refreshing days, the smell of harvest. Lots of things to be thankful for.

I wanted to make you aware of a couple of things. I have added some schedule items on the calendar, including dates for gym, music and library. I have also added the date for our individual photos which unfortunately are on Monday, Sept. 15.

I have also added a new board next to the calendar link for homework. This new page lists all the various pieces of homework we will be doing this year. Please note that we have not started all of them yet but will be gradually adding on pieces as the month goes. If you have any questions about any of those items, please come talk with me.

Speaking of homework, students should have brought home a newsletter regarding the website we are going to be using this year to help students practice their basic facts. Knowing their basic facts is very important in helping students become more confident in their math skills and faster in completing their math work. Students should be working on this page every night. It should only take approx. 5 mins.

Once we get completely ramped up with homework, students should be doing no more than 40 mins of homework a night with some allowance for those things have crop up occasionally. :)


Couple of Notes

We had a fabulous week last week, getting to know each other and getting started on all the work we need to do this year! The kids worked hard last week and have started off this week really well.

Just wanted to let you know a couple of things for today.

First of all, I have added the dates our class has music, gym and library to the website/blog calendar. You can find our calendar on the main page by clicking on the Calendar link found just underneath the header picture.

Speaking of gym, students do have gym today. If they are bringing their uniforms from home, please be sure that they have them for today. If you are still in the process of getting your child’s gym uniform, that is fine. We usually give a couple of weeks grace for parents to get all the uniform elements together before we start issuing citations.

Today is going to be a special day for the students. Today is Mrs. Ediger’s first full day with the students. As you may or may not know, one of my other duties is as Head Teacher for the Intermediate Department. One day a week, I work in the admin room with Ms. Evans to help work on programs, events and other matters dealing with the running of the departments. Mrs. Ediger is looking forward to a wonderful day with your children.

Have a great day!

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