Highroad Knights Day Tomorrow and Terry Fox


Tomorrow is a Highroad Knights Day. For those who are new to the school, Highroad Knights Day is a day where we kick up some good ol’ school spirit and cheer on our sport teams. Way to go, Grade 7 girls on their win today!

Students are allowed to wear play clothes with a Highroad shirt or hoodie. If you don’t have a shirt to wear, shirts can be purchased in the front foyer of the school in the morning. Typically, students where jeans with their shirts but it doesn’t have to be jeans. If you do not have a Highroad Knights shirt and you are not planning on purchasing one, students should wear their school uniforms as usual.

On Thursday, students will be participating in the Terry Fox run. Sometime during the day, students will go outside and run around the field for a few laps. We will also be watching a brief documentary on the life of Terry Fox. To help contribute to his cause, we are asking students for a $2 donation (toonies for Terry) which can be brought on Thursday. There is no pressure to give but if you are willing to donate to the Terry Fox Foundation, it would be appreciated.

Amazing Popping Popcorn Using Cellphones! True?

DANCE, POPCORN, DANCE!!!! Buwa-ha-ha-ha!!!

We were talking about the Sun and radiation today in Science and one of the students mentioned how radiation or microwaves from cellphones made some popcorn pop. It was a good lesson on being careful about what you see on the internet and thinking scientifically. Scientists actually studied the case of the popping popcorn and debunked the video after proving scientifically that it could not happen.

Oh well, apparently it is not meant to be. I will have to put my cellphone and the popcorn away for another day! Check this article out!

Physicist Debunks Cellphone Popcorn Viral Videos

By Jenna Wortham June 09, 2008 | 5:37:20 PM

YouTube videos that show a group of friends apparently cooking kernels of popcorn with their cellphones have been viewed more than a million times since they were uploaded last week.

The clever parlor trick (see embedded clip) looks amazing enough, but there’s a hitch: It’s not physically possible, according to University of Virginia physics professor Louis Bloomfield.

“[The videos] are cute,” said Bloomfield in a phone conversation Monday. “But that’s never gonna happen.”

In a microwave oven, energy excites the water inside popcorn kernels until it turns into highly pressurized gas, causing the kernels to pop. If mobile phones emitted that much energy, the water in the fingers of people holding them would heat up.

“It would hurt like crazy,” Bloomfield said. “Cellphones probably warm your tissues, but studies indicate that’s not injurious.”

Bloomfield, author of How Everything Works: Making Physics Out of the Ordinary, dismissed theories bubbling up in comment threads about the videos that suggest harmonious vibrations are heating the corn.

“Ringing the phones doesn’t help because they’re interfering with each other and receiving a signal [from a cellphone tower] — not transmitting it,” he said. Furthermore, while it is possible to heat with sound, it’s not likely to happen at the low volume emitted by a mobile phone. “It would be like gathering opera singers together to sing, and trying to make the corn pop,” Bloomfield said.

So, what’s really causing the kernels to ricochet off the table in the YouTube clips? Bloomfield suggests tricky video editing or even a covert heating element beneath the table. Debunker website Snopes.com also points out that cooking popcorn with cellphones is impossible (same goes for eggs).

The popcorn videos, like the slew of YouTube clips showcasing ordinary people performing extraordinary feats that came before them, has the distinct markings of a viral-marketing campaign. Let’s look at the facts.

First, all four videos — French, Japanese and two American editions — were posted to the YouTube accounts of users bobtel08 and benzin513 (with French descriptions) within several days of one another.

Second, a cryptic bit of commentary posted alongside one of the videos says: “We tried but didn’t make it … maybe only with phone brands or models???” It could be a subtle hint to get viewers to notice the phones more than the stunt. And, indeed, several comments have suggested the phones all appear to be similar makes and models, possibly Nokias or Sony Ericsson mobiles.

For now, however, the clandestine origin of the videos is under wraps. Bobtel08, benzin513 and Nokia did not immediately respond to Wired.com’s requests for comment, and a representative from Sony Ericsson North America said he wasn’t aware of the videos at all.

Spelling and Memory Verse for the Week


This post is the first of our weekly spelling and memory verse posts. Below you will see the spelling list for the week which you can print out. Below that, you will find a link (click on the picture) to the Spelling City page where students can practice their spelling words. If they complete the spelling quiz on the spelling city site, they can print it out and bring it to me to get a bonus mark on their spelling test. Spelling tests are on Fridays. To get the bonus mark, they have to show that they got 100% on the Spelling City quiz. If you do not want to waste ink by printing the certificate out, you can simply sign your child’s planner and write 100%. You can write this on the day corresponding to when they did the quiz. Students can attempt the quiz as many times as they like during the week but must bring the certificate or show me the signed planner before we do the spelling test on the Friday. For those weeks that are short weeks, there will be no spelling test or memory verse.

Spelling 0-3 by ihancock on Scribd

Here is the link to Spelling City. Remember to try the quiz to get the bonus mark on Friday!


Here is the memory verse for the week. Students are to memorize the memory verse to recite to me on Friday.

I lift up my eyes to the mountains—where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Psalm 121:1 and 2

Growth Mindsets Video

In our health/bible class this year, we are going to starting off the year talking about growth mindsets or, in other words, how to think about learning and ourselves as learners, in order to be successful. Today, we took a little quiz and then watched this video as a way to introduce the topic of growth mindsets.

Instant Snow and Gym


Yes, I know. A very strange title for a blog post but all shall be explained. :)

As schedules are getting settled and students are getting into the rhythm of things, I just wanted to make a quick note about a gym times. Gym is scheduled for after lunch on Tuesdays and before lunch on Fridays. If gym clothes are going home to be washed (which is always a good thing!), please make sure students have their gym clothes available for the next gym class. As the gym uniform is mandatory starting in Grade 4, please make sure that your child has their gym uniform in the next couple of weeks as this is a part of their mark for gym.

As for Instant Snow…! Well, Christmas came early in our class. Sort of. Students met a very mysterious white powder that Mr. H had discovered (he said it was in his backyard but the students don’t believe him). After making their initial observations, students rapidly added water and watched in amazement as the power quickly expanded and poured out of their cups. Later on, it was explained to them that this was a polyacrylate or, in other words, instant snow. Polyacrylates are used in diapers as well to absorb moisture. This was all part of teaching students what real scientists do. Following that experiment, today students began to develop their own experiments with Instant Snow discussing with their class members how they can change one variable to create a whole new experiment. Once students come up with their idea, they will develop their question and a hypothesis before actually doing their experiment. I did say that their experiment was not allowed to involve anything being blown up!

Individual Photos and Soccer News

Just a note that individual photos will be on Tuesday Sept 13th. Students are expected to wear their full dress uniform on that day.

Mrs. Goosen also asked me to pass on a note about soccer for this year:

We are excited to be part of a grade 6/7 Soccer tournament on Wednesday, October 12th and are looking for grade 6 & 7 boys and girls who enjoy playing soccer.  We will practice on Monday and Wednesdays from 3:15 – 4:00, with tryouts next Wednesday (September 14th) and practices commencing the following week.

If you have a child in grade 5 who would like to be part of this tournament please come and talk to me or send an email to pgoosen@highroadacademy.com

Students MUST be able to attend practices if they want to compete in the tournament.

Thank you,

Mrs. Goosen

Math and Science Fun


Second day done and our first full day is now complete. It was a busy day full of story writing, library, DEAR and other new things happening.

Two of the highlights were Math and Science. In Math today, students played a math game involving adding, subtracting and division along with a lot of strategy and reasoning. Students rolled dice, completed an operation to get their results and tried to build three of a kinds, four of a kinds and doubles as they played. It’s hard to explain but the students had a lot of fun playing. As students played, we talked about strategies for getting similar results and we talked about what patterns they saw. In the next few days, we will look more closely at some of the math concepts associated with the game.

In Science, we talked about the importance of listening to instructions and teamwork. I wanted to emphasize that we all have strengths and weaknesses. If we work together as a team, we become stronger. If we don’t listen, follow directions and don’t communicate, then, not only do we hurt ourselves; we hurt our team/class. The activity we did to emphasize this was so much fun to watch. Students had a number of plastic cups that were arranged on the floor. Using only string tied to elastic, students needed to move the cups into a pyramid shape. The kids really rose to the challenge and several groups were very inventive in solving the problems that arose. It was a great team activity, a lot fun and allowed us to explore the importance of working positively as a class.


First Day is Now Done!

B2S_BannerCongratulations. If you are reading this on the blog. It means you got the newsletter and found your way here. This blog is a very important part of our class. I believe that this blog is not just for parents but also for the students. It is a place where the learning that happens in the classroom can continue at home. There are lots of resources here for both parents and students. While we are starting the 2016-2017 year, there are blog posts, videos and other things from past years that may still have relevance for you and your family. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the site. As the newsletter says, there will be no more paper newsletters coming home.

What a great first day! It was so wonderful seeing excited faces and all the brand, shiny new school supplies rocking the desks! We had a great day today learning about each other, playing games, creating our class mission statement and having lots of fun. The half day went by very quickly!

Just a note that some students were missing some supplies. Please check with your child to make sure they were not missing anything today.

The children were very excited about the homework they had today. Well… they were excited because the homework was for you! Your child should have a newsletter in their planner. At the back of the newsletter, there is a questionnaire that I would kindly request you fill out and send back with your child as soon as possible. I have also embedded a copy of it here if you need to print another one out.

2016 First Day Newsletter by ihancock on Scribd