Service Day Tomorrow!

By now, you should have received a permission form regarding Service Day tomorrow. With the extra long weekend, it was a bit of a rush getting it out today to be handed back tomorrow, but I thought I was more likely to get it back with the short turnaround then with a long turnaround time.

Anyway, students will need to bring some type of glove to school tomorrow. The best thing to bring would be a gardening or work glove but winter gloves would work as well. Students can wear play clothes tomorrow and should be dressed for the weather as we will be going out rain or shine. Right now, it looks like a chance of rain with the possibility of sun in the afternoon. We will be going out at 1:00 and returning at about 2:30. We would love parent volunteers to join us if you have some time and would enjoy a nice walk through the community.

If you did not receive a permission form or your child’s permission form disappeared between the school and your home, just download the one below and send it with your child tomorrow.

Service Day Permission Form

Work is hard. Distractions are plentiful. And time is short.

I hope you all had a wonderful 4 day weekend. It was very restful and relaxing. Our family had lots of fun being together not only doing family things like going to the library, going to Science World to see the Lego exhibit, cleaning the house and yard, and going Geocaching. It was a lot of fun. If you have never heard of geocaching, please come ask me about it. It is a great free activity for the whole family that is like a treasure hunt.

It was also a great opportunity to talk to the kids about the awesome gift God gave us when Jesus died for our sins. We had numerous opportunities to talk to the kids about Easter as they still don’t quite have the capacity to fully understand the significance of all that happened.

Of course, it sort of puts a wrench into the week. Mondays are hard as you sort of have to just jump right into things. And there are so many things to jump into this week.


First of all, it is Highroad Knights Day tomorrow. Students can come to school wearing their Highroads garb or their uniforms.

Track and Field practices start tomorrow after school for those students who received a permission form and handed it back. We will meet on the edge of the field by the school doors at 3:15 and go to about 3:50, with students likely ready to go at 4:00.

Service Day is on Wednesday and our class will be going out in the afternoon to collect litter along the sidewalks. I will be sending home permission forms tomorrow as well as a request for any parent volunteers who wish to come along.


This Hour Has 24 Minutes

Well, not really but it is a short week. And I wanted to pass on a slew of news and exciting events here in Grade 4!

First of all, a couple of reminders:

  • No Spelling or Memory Verse: As it is a short week, there will be no spelling list or memory verse for this week.
  • Beach Day: Students are going to the beach tomorrow (in our imagination anyway). Students can come to school in appropriate beach apparel. No bikinis or spaghetti straps. If students do not want to dress up that is fine; they can just wear their uniforms tomorrow. It is also most likely going to rain tomorrow. So students should also bring something warm to wear on top just in case.
  • Jeans Day: On Weds, Highroad is once again doing a fundraiser for BC Children’s Hospital. Students can donate $5 to wear jeans. Students can pay their $5 at the office to receive their button. If students are not wanting to donate, they can wear their uniforms as usual.
  • Fencing: Students will need to bring pants for tomorrow to wear for fencing. They can bring their pants in their bags and change into them for gym. More about fencing below.

About a week ago, the Intermediates received a class set of Chromebooks to use. We are very excited about the Chromebooks! If you do not know what a Chromebook is, here is a little video describing them:

Basically, Chromebooks are a very affordable computer that allows us to have the power of a laptop with the power of the internet. Students will be using the Chromebooks as often as possible for their school work. The students have already been using them and have really enjoyed the ease of use and how fast they are. Just today, we had students talking about traits of good writing. I posed a question to the students on what they thought made a piece of writing good. Students used the website, Mentimeter, to submit their thoughts. Using the site, we could display all the student’s ideas immediately in one place as students submitted their answers. It was a lot of fun and students were incredibly engaged. We also used them today to do some work on computer programming skills. Here are some pictures of students at work (click on the picture to see a larger view):

Today we also started fencing. No, we didn’t build fences around the school! Instead students got to meet an actual competitive fencer and learn some moves with modified safety swords. Students learned some preliminary moves and lunges, then had some fun practicing their lunges with practice swords. We also played some games with foam swords, playing a modified “Capture the Flag” style game. We had lots of fun. We have two more sessions for Fencing, with another session tomorrow and one on Thursday where students will get to use actual fencing equipment and foils. They are completely safe to use. The swords do not have sharp edges and with the equipment, students should be completely safe and have lots of fun. Here are some pictures of our first day!


Spelling List and an Amazing Video

Genius Hour is tomorrow.

I have also added some new dates to the calendar for events that are upcoming. I have also listed them below and will give more details as we get closer.

  • Beach Day – Apr. 15
  • BC Hospital Jeans Day – Apr. 16
  • Highroad Knights Day – Apr. 22
  • Service Day – Apr. 23

Here is the spelling list for this week:

Spelling Q4

Here is the link to the Spelling City page. Don’t forget to bring in your completed quiz to get your bonus point!


I saw this amazing video while I was at a conference just before Spring Break. This is a community in Paraguay that is extremely poor. The community actually makes most of it’s living by going through all the garbage at the garbage dump, which they live right beside, and taking everything that might be useful to sell for parts and metal. Children don’t have a lot of nice things as they are very poor and the schools they go to are also very poor and can not afford nice equipment. However, the students have learned to make toys and other things out of the scraps found in the garbage dump. In fact, they have found enough things to build their own musical instruments and created their own orchestra. Take a look at this cool video!

Spelling, Memory Verse and Fieldtrip

Welcome Back!

I know it’s not easy to get back into the swing of things after the delightful two weeks off. My family and I had a great break traveling and it was certainly hard to turn that alarm clock back on to prepare for the usual early morning wake-up. However, here we are and we have a fast couple of months before the end of the school year to get things done.

To start off, here is the spelling for the week.

Spelling Q3

Here is the link to Spelling City. Don’t forget to bring in your completed quiz for a bonus mark!


The memory verse for this week is:

The everlasting God is your place of safety. His arms will hold you up forever.

Deuteronomy 33:27

Fieldtrip Update:

Just a couple of reminders for Friday’s fieldtrip.  The students will be wearing their school uniforms.  They are to bring their own picnic lunch, and may bring $2 towards buying a vanilla ice cream cone at McDonalds.  We’re meeting in the school lobby at 8:15 and boarding the bus at 8:20.


Class Party Tomorrow

Well, students have finally earned all 75 of their stars. And to celebrate, we will be having a class party tomorrow afternoon. I have asked the students to bring snacks as we did last time (chips, cookies, fruit, other snack items). If you could send those items to class tomorrow, that would be much appreciated.


Mr. H

Notes from Mr. H

A couple of notes for you this week:

  1. As this is now a short week, there will be no memory verse or spelling list this week.
  2. Genius Hour is tomorrow so if your child needs to bring anything, make sure they have it ready to go.
  3. On Friday, we will be going skating. The bus will be leaving at 9:00 for our 9:30 skate time. Skating will be from 9:30 – 10:30. I have included the permission form below for you to print out and send with your child. I will also be sending one in paper form tomorrow. It will need to be back by Thursday.
  4. Friday is a half day PD, students are dismissed at 12:00.

Ice Skating Good


Mr. Hancock