On this page, you will find descriptions of the weekly homework students will need to do throughout the year, as well as homework that happens once a term. According to several studies and organizations, students should do homework for 10x the mins corresponding to their grade level. That means that at the Grade 4 level, students should be doing no more than 40 mins of homework each night.

Here are some of the types of homework students will be expected to do this year:

  1. Math: Students will be expected to complete any math work they did not complete during class. As there are a lot of concepts to be covered during the year, students will be expected to be responsible for making sure they are caught up and ready for the next math period.
  2. xtramath: xtramath is a daily basic facts site where students can practice their basic facts. By the end of Grade 4, students should be able to add 35 basic addition facts in 2 mins, subtract 35 questions in 2 mins and multiply 25 questions in 2 mins. To help students in achieving their goals, we will be using xtramath.org to help students work on their math facts on a daily basis. Each day, students will be working on their facts in the class. However, students can also work on their facts at home if they like. Students should be able to use the same code they use in class. Students do not need to work on this at home if there is no time or if they don’t want to.Β  At the end of each week, students will be completing a basic facts quiz comprising of the 3 different kinds of basic facts.Β 
  3. Home Reading: Students should be reading 20 mins a night. More information about the Grade 4 Home Reading program will come soon.Β 
  4. Spelling: Students will be receiving 20 spelling words a week. Students will be receiving the words at the beginning of the week. Words will be posted on the blog. Using the Spelling City website, students will be able to earn bonus points for practicing their spelling words and completing a practice test. Spelling will be tested on the Fridays. On short weeks, we will typically not do Spelling Words.Β 
  5. Memory Verse: Each week, students will receive a bible memory verse to recite on Fridays. Memory Verses will be glued into planners on Mondays, as well as posted on the blog.
  6. Term Projects: Each term, students will be given a term project to complete. These projects are designed to help students work on creativity and thinking outside the box. They are also designed to be done by the family. Students and parents can work together and are actually encouraged to work together.


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  1. Hi Mr.H! I tried to go on to spelling city but It did not show up like u showed us in class. Tommorrow can u tell me how to do it again please?


  2. Hi Natalie,

    I can certianly do that tomorrow. It works from my computer so maybe tomorrow you can show me what you did.

    Mr. H

  3. Mr. H can we wear whatever we want tomorrow? Like do i have to wear school shorts?

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    There are two pictures of you right at the very beginning. The first one is you coming back from the garden and the other one of you is at the track meet. There are also a bunch of other photos with you in them as well! πŸ™‚

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