Spelling List For Week of Jan.9

Here is the spelling list this week. You will also find the link to Spelling City.


Here is the link to this weeks Spelling City. Remember to bring in your completed test or certificate to earn your easy bonus points!

Spelling Words, Skiing and Book Projects

Good afternoon!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. If you hadn’t realized, our class is going to be going skiing tomorrow. The bus will be leaving at 6:45! So, please be here by 6:30. Just a reminder though, that, even though the bus ride is a long one, our policy is that there be no electronics on the bus. That we don’t have to worry about inappropriate materials or items getting lost/stolen.

Students are also starting a book project as we have now finished our Novel Study. The students may need to bring some materials from home including a shoe box, hanger, small box, paper towel rolls, modeling clay depending on what project they do.  They need to have these materials in by Weds. Please check to see if your child needs these items. They may not as they may be involved in a project that doesn’t involve these materials.

Here are the spelling words for this week. The memory verse should also be in your child’s planners. You can also check the class calendar by clicking on the link at the top of the page.



Here are the links to Spelling City!

M2 N8

Spelling and Other News!

Once again, another busy week faces us as we begin the final hurtle towards the end of the year. We have a few events happening this week that I wanted to make you aware of. Today is class photos day. I am not sure when photos will be taken, but sometime during the morning, we will be going down to the church foyer to have our photos taken. As always, full dress is required.

On Wednesday of this week, students will be able to participate in Jeans Day which is the annual fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital. If students bring $5 in to the office on Wednesday, they will be given a button that will allow them to wear jeans for that day.

Here is our Spelling List for this week.

Spelling 0 1

Here is the link to the Spelling City page. Remember! Bring in your completed spelling quiz or certificate and you can get an extra bonus mark on your spelling test on Friday!


Here is the bible memory verse for this week:

Jesus replied: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Matthew 22:37

Spelling For This Week and Other News!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! It was very nice and relaxing for us. The calm before the storm! With our baby being expected around the 23rd of March, I know that there will not be many relaxing days left! As a friend just told me the other day, when it comes to children, 1+1 does not equal two! Anyway, we are very excited for the new arrival.

Here are the words for this week followed by the Spelling City link.

Spelling N 8

SpellingHere is the link to the Spelling City page. Don’t forget! If you complete the spelling test on the Spelling City website and you bring it in to me, I will give you an extra mark on your spelling test on Friday!

Next week, students will be going on a Field trip to the Planetarium. The field trip is being planned for Feb. 9th and permission forms went home today. Permission forms need to be brought back by Friday!!! If you need another copy of the permission form, you can download one from the box.net widget on the right hand side of the website.

Another reminder about the Speech Meet! We will be holding the try-outs next Weds so please help your child have their pieces ready and memorized. Students have already been telling me that they have been practicing which is fantastic.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! for all the help you give your child at home!

Lists and Lists of Spelling!

I have had many parents come and ask me about spelling and I thought that I should maybe clarify what is happening in the classroom this year.

We have not actually started their spelling words yet as we are still setting up their learning logs. You may remember the learning logs from Grade 2. That is the book they placed all the spelling words and rules in. Every year, as part of the program, we need to set the learning log up again from scratch. Once their learning logs are set up and ready to go, we will get going with the spelling lists. We should be ready to go with the spelling lists either next week or the week after.

Once we start spelling, you will be able to see the lists very clearly and you will be able to download them from both that days post and from the “classfiles” box.net widget area on the right hand side. Thanks for all your enthusiasm regarding the spelling and for being so active in your child’s learning. Don’t forget as well though that we also want to encourage ideas and content in their writing! Sometimes when children are so focused on their spelling and work so hard to spell their words right, their ideas and creativity can be stifled. While we want to help them use correct spelling as part of communicating their ideas properly, we also want to have writing that is rich in ideas, vocabulary and imagination!

Spelling List for this Week!

Here are the spelling words for this week:

waste             ate

hole                throw

threw             slide

struck            weath er

sec ond          wea ry

waist              eight

whole             nee dle

through         board

port                sta tion

rate                shine