Our Mission Statement and Homework

Last week, we worked on creating a mission statement for the class. Basically, we asked what we wanted our class to be, why we wanted to be that kind of class and how we were going to do it. We talked about the importance of a mission statement and how we were going to use this mission statement instead of writing a list of things they were not allowed to do. I wanted the students to think about what kind of a class we could be.

We recently finished our Mission Statement and I thought I would share it with you so you knew what to expect:

We, the students of Mr. H’s Grade 4 class, are here to have fun, grow, create, learn and work. We will do this by respecting others, paying attention, concentrating and laughing so that we can get a good job when we are older, help each other and be the most awesome class at Highroad Academy and, by doing so, glorify God in everything we do, everyday!

I was very amazed and pleased with what the students came up with. I think it was very impressive and it has worked very well so far.


For homework tonight, students need to bring one bible verse that is their favorite bible verse or a verse that is a family favorite. They can ask you for help. They should write the verse down on a piece of paper with the book and verse where you can find it to give to me. We will be using these favorite verse as our memory verses for the year. I think that it makes it more special to share the verses we enjoy and that have special meaning to us.

Mrs. Derksen also has homework for the students. Students should bring 1 or 2 pictures of them and their family. These pictures will be used for a poster, so don’t send a special family one that is treasured and is a valued keepsake! 🙂


Notes for the Weekend and Homework!

weekend_comment_graphic_07.gifIt’s amazing how quickly the first weekend has gone already. We have had a fabulous week with lots of things going on. Of course, there is much more to come.

Just some notes as we go into the weekend. I have changed the calendar as apparently I was the only who had access which, of course, doesn’t do any of us any good! So I have changed the settings to allow you to see dates on the calendar. You will also notice that I have added bible memory verses onto the calendar. I have placed them on there ahead of time so that you always know which memory verses we are working on.You will also note that the time for Gym has changed due to the scheduling conflict.

Homework: This weekend I have told the students that they have homework for next week. Though we are going to be focusing on division this year, having a solid base in the memorization of their basic multiplication facts is very important in helping them to achieve mastery, fluency and speed in their math. We will be focusing on a specific times table each week, with a math quiz at the end of the week on that multiplication times table. Once all times tables have been completed, each week students will have a quick involving a random set of 35 multiplication questions. For their homework, over the weekend I would like you to help students think about how they can learn their 0,1, 2 and 3 times tables in a way that fits their learning best. It can be with flash cards, writing it over and over, writing them on the table with their fingers, saying them out loud. drawing them out or any other method. Once you have decided with your child, over the next week, use that method to practice the 0, 1, 2, and 3 times tables with your child. I have focused on more than one this week as the 0 and 1 times tables are pretty easy.

Next Thursday will only be a half day as the school will be closing for a funeral service. For more information, please check the notice that came home with your child in their planner.

Whew! Lots of news. Have a great weekend!

Hilarious Video and Some Homework!

Students had a good day today; a little poetry, a little science plus all the other things we usually do on a Tuesday like Library and Music.

The puppets were fantastic. There were a few who didn’t get them done on time. Please finish them and bring them in for tomorrow. I am going to create an animoto of the pictures I took of the puppets and you will see it here soon.

Speaking of puppets, here is a hilarious video I found featuring the best puppets in the world . . . Yes! That’s right . . . The Muppets with my favorite version of that perennial favorite Danny Boy.

The students have some homework this week which is due by next Tuesday! They need to bring either a blank CD or DVD or one that is not used anymore and they also need to bring a juice lid. The juice lids I am talking about are the ones you get from the frozen juice containers without the sharp edges.

Have a great day!

Tuesday fun? Oh, Yeah! In 3B, It Is!

It was a great day here in 3B. First of all, we had a surprise from one of the students who went home and found her own oobleck in her backyard. Hers was slightly different though as it was pink! I hope it isn’t spreading across Canada. We could be in trouble if oobleck continues to spread through our backyards!! Anway, she brought us a sample she collected from her backyard and had it safely contained in a tupperware container. I got a shot of it to show everyone. Here it is:

We also had our very first chapel time together which was great fun. It is so wonderful seeing everyone there worshipping God and praising his name. The kids really got into and the singing was wonderful. For math today, we used the digital camera to take some pictures of numbers for the calendar. The students had to use various objects around the room to represent the number they had been given. When they were done, I gave them the digital camera to use. We will then print out the numbers and cut them out to use on our calendar. The students did a fantastic job with the camera. I have created an animoto to show you how the pictures turned out.

For social today, we started talking about our communities and how we can make them a safe and friendly place to live. You can see the results of the brainstorming below:

We used a site called gliffy.com. The students really enjoyed using the site. One part of it allows you create room using pictures of objects. The site is free but requires them to register. Your children might bug you to help them sign up. It’s a great tool to use and fun for the kids. You can have them use it to create their own diagrams on various topics.

If you haven’t already, sign up for our email updates. You can recieve an email whenever the blog has been updated so that you can always keep on top of the interesting stuff happening here in 3B.

Don’t forget that favorite bible verses are due on Friday. Bookorders are due on Monday.

Science Homework!

moon1You might have been a little confused with last nights homework. I can just imagine the puzzlement as your child told you, just before bed I imagine, that they had to go outside to see if they could see the moon.

During science class, we had a great discussion on the moon. Using Stellarium, we tracked what was in the sky at that moment (about 1:00pm). We found that the moon was in the south.As we sped up time on the program, we discovered that, if the program was correct, we would not be able to see the moon at night

moon2as it would be under the horizon. We decided to see if the program was accurate. That is why you’re child needed to go outside just before bed. It wasn’t to try and stay up longer, I promise!!!

Anyway, I don’t know what you found out but when I tried at about 9:00, I could not see the moon in the sky. I am very interested to see what the students found out today.