Water Fun Tomorrow!

SwimmingJust a quick reminder that  we are going swimming tomorrow afternoon from 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon (just in case you thought it was 1:00 to 3:00 in the morning :)). You will need your swimsuit and a towel to take with you. We are still dressing in our uniforms but you can wear your swimsuit underneath as long as you bring your stuff for after the swimming! It should be a lot of fun. Remember that we will be going on the fieldtrip to the Planetarium on the 25th of March after all the hoopla and excitement of the Olympics is over the traffic has settled back to normal.

If you have not brought your permission form back for the swimming yet, please make sure that you have it for tomorrow!

Back from Science World

It was a great day today. Everything went as planned and the students all had a wonderful time. We had a great set of parent helpers, as well. It could not have gone as smoothly without their help!

We got to Science World at 10:30, got through the registration and had lots of time to wander around discovering. There were a lot of neat exhibits there and many of them were very interactive. The students all had a great time trying out the virtual skier! They also got to see a presentation on fire which was really cool. Students learned that the three things a fire needs to burn are fuel, air and heat. They also learned that different things burn with different colours depending on the type of material. The groups then went up and did a workshop on structures. During that session, students reviewed different types of structures, that the triangle is the strongest shape in the world and that not only are buildings structures but trees and people are structures as well.  Anything that can stand without falling, is made up of little things and can support something else is a structure. Students then got to build a some structure with big triangles. Students had a challenge organize the building and a lot of fun playing in their structure when they were done!

Students then had lots of time to wander around and look at the various exhibits. If you have not had a chance to go, I would highly recommend taking your child and letting them have a little longer to really get into the exhibits and the science that goes with them.

Tomorrow is a half day at school. At 11:15 we are having an Easter assembly which you are invited to come to if you would like. After the assembly students will be given their report cards and dismissed.

Have a great Easter and Spring Break and we will see all of you when school starts again at the end of March!

Science World!!!

bubbleWell, we’re off to science world today. The students are very excited! Please pray for a safe trip and a wonderful learning experience. Students will get the opportunity to wander around the exhibits as well participate in a workshop on structures. We will be getting back a little late today due to the timing of the workshops and the traffic but we should be back at approx. 4:00.

If you haven’t seen the March Newsletter, your child received it on Tuesday. Please take a look when you have the opportunity. If you have misplaced it and would like another copy, please download one from the right column in the box.net box. Simply click on the document you would like and download load it to your desktop. From there, you will be able to open it and read about all the neat things happening in the class.

I will post more information on the field trip when we return this afternoon!!

Have a great day!

Science Projects

Though our building project has been done for awhile, I thought I would share with you, the parent, the projects your children worked so hard on. I took some pictures and created a nice animoto of their buildings.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://widgets.clearspring.com/o/46928cc51133af17/47bee4375e2934bc" width="530" height="430" wmode="transparent" /]

We also had a very special visitor yesterday.


It was very exciting and the children enjoyed visiting with Geronimo and getting his autograph. I even got one of my books autographed for our class library.

Yesterday was our busy day moving around. The students sound like they are doing lots of interesting things in the music room. Mrs. Caswell has made Monday “Pioneer Day”! She is asking that the students bring some pioneery things to wear on top of their uniforms. They are going to be singing hymns, having a spelling bee and other neat events.

Students are also going to Vancouver for a special Vancouver Symphony event. Students have received permission forms. However, if you have lost yours, you can get one by clicking on the box.net widget on the side. Just click the top document which says GR3 Concert permission. It will give you some options after clicking.

The Smartboard has been great. We have used it for a few things already. It will take awhile before we truly become comfortable with it and are able to use it to its full potential.

We have also been doing a lot of work on friendships and bullying. Our class meetings have been focused on that recently and we had a special class meeting last week dealing with friendships. This is an important topic and one that should not be taken lightly. Please continue discussing with your child what it means to be a friend, how Jesus wants us to be friends, and things your child can do if they are having a problem with friends.

The class of 3B hopes you have a wonderful weekend!