Happy Sunday! The sun peeked out at last yesterday which made me very happy. We had a fabulous day on the ski hills and got there and back safely with only minor bumps and bruises.

Here are a few notes for the week as we have lots of things happening this week!

  1. Skating: Skating is Tuesday from 10:00 – 11:00am. Our bus will be leaving at 9:15. Any parent helpers who can help tie skates would be most welcome. Please remember to send your child with a helmet and warm clothes. Also, equipment if they are bringing their own skates. Students are allowed to wear play clothes for this day.
  2. Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day is this Friday. If your child would like to bring cards for their classmates, please make sure they get the names of all their classmates so that everyone receives a card and no one is left out. Students can collect names while they are at school. We have 25 students in the class this year.
  3. Colour Day: Coinciding with Valentine’s Day, Colour Day is Friday. Students may wear Valentine’s colours along with play clothes.
  4. Love Guatemala Day: Is also on Friday. During the week, one of the students going on missions to Guatemala will be coming into the class to teach students about Guatemala and what the missions team will be doing there. Our class has been asked to donate sets of markers. So far we do not have any markers donated. It would be wonderful to send a large amount of markers along with the missions team.

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