Starlight, Star – Oops, No Star Tonight!!

One of the students asked a good question today about how our Sun could ever destroy the Earth as it is so far away. Luckily, I had just found a news article about a star that is just now in the process of dying. Well, it’s not actually dying right at this instant, as it takes so long for light to reach us from that distance. We are just now seeing the light from that star.

The dying star is actually fairly close to the constellation Orion, which we have been learning about, though the star is further out than the stars that make up the Orion constellation. The star, name Te Leporis, is about 500 light years away. As it dies, it is actually getting bigger. Down below you can actually see what this means. You can see the comparison of the size of the dying star compared to the distance of the Earth from the Sun. The splotch of light underneath is an actual photo of the dying star with the comparison to our Earth and Sun above it.


A reminder that Monday is the field trip to Vancouver for the symphony and Granville Market. We will be leaving here at 8:15!!! Students need to wear Full Dress uniforms.

A Space-y Day!!!

Wow! What an amazing day! Lots of great things happening here in Grade 3. There was lots of learning, laughing, work and fun to be had. The day went by really fast.

First of all, in science, the students are really getting into their Space Unit. Today, the students were preparing cover pages for their new unit. They drew things on the cover page that reflected what they knew about space already. There are some great pictures! We also spend some time using Stellarium and WWTelescope looking at galaxies, stars, planets and the constellations. Students learned all about the constellation Orion the Hunter using Stellarium. Stellarium is a great free program where students can see the stars and constellations for their own location in real time or in the future. It has to be see to be believed. You can get it free by clicking the links. WWTelescope is another free program that is just magnificent. You can view planets, galaxies and zoom in on them. You can watch a guided tour or create your own tour. If your computer can handle it, please download it as it is an beautiful and amazing guide to God’s amazing creation!

I forgot to place the link to the Spelling City here this week. So here is the link. Just click on the picture to be taken to it.

Just a reminder as well that students have a Mad Minute test tomorrow. If you would like to practice their addition and subtraction facts, you can print off these pages by clicking here (addition and subtraction) or using the image below.



Also, I forgot to mention to the students that we have skating for tomorrow. So students need to bring their skating items. They may also wear their play clothes tomorrow.

Here is one of the videos I showed the students about the stars in our galaxy. Students were amazed by how small our sun is compared to the other stars!!

A Milestone and Some Reminders!

It was a busy day today and the students got quite a bit done. We are just about done working on our outlines and will be getting ready to turn them back into stories. The student have really picked up the idea of writing outlines and should be able to make an easy transition to writing paragraphs from those outlines.

In Art, we are working on creating pictures out of horizontal lines, diagonal lines and vertical lines. While it may seem that it would be hard to do an interesting piece of art out of just lines, I think the art will be amazing.

We reached a milestone the other day! We have gone past 2,000 visitors on our blog! We were all very excited and we are now trying to reach 3,000 by the end of the year.

Just a reminder! Students have their spelling test and memory verse tomorrow. Please help the students prepare for those!

Here is a game for you to try that looks like fun.

3D MazePlay Now!
Prepare a plastic bag near you before playing this game…

Who’s Ned?

Well, Ned was in town today and a whole lot of yo-yo fun was to be had. It was a great performance with a great Christian message. The students loved the tricks and the presenter, Tim, was great and really spoke well to the students in a way that was entertaining and enjoyable.

Here is an animoto of the presenter. The pictures aren’t great but give an idea of what was going on. I also included a couple of clips of people doing yo-yo tricks and a video of a lesson on how to do a trick.

In math, the students have started multiplication with a look at the dimensions of a rectangle. Students learned that rectangles can be made up of lots of little squares. A dimension is the number of squares going along the bottom of the rectangle and how many squares going up the side of a rectangle there are. We call it over and up. Students also learned that the over number of squares times the up number of squares equals the area of the rectangle or the product. I know what you’re saying! “Easy for you to say, Mr.Hancock!” Well, the students caught on very quickly and were able to create rectangles with me only giving them the area of the rectangle.

This afternoon, students had their first party. We had a great time and the students are now working on the next 25 stars they need to have their next party. However, they may find it to be a little harder as I tend to get quite picky as the year goes on.

Reminder that Friday is both their spelling test and their memory verse reciting. Please help your child to work on both those items. If you need a spelling list, you can download the list from the class files section of the blog.

Being Flexible!

3B had another busy and exciting day today. We ended the day with gymnastics. It was wonderful seeing how much the students enjoyed participating in the class. They were very excited and bouncy. I myself would not have been able to move if I had tried to do any of the stretches, tumbles, twists or rolls your children were doing. It was a lot of fun to watch.

Unfortunately, we ran out of time to do the math quiz today. So the children have another night to practice their 3, 5, 9 times tables. I have told the students that these are easy marks and that, if I was going to just give them easy marks, they should all get 100%. I have given them pages to take home to practice all the times tables. These are colouring pages with the math facts on them. When they are done, they can cut the sides of the page to make flaps. These flaps cover the answers. As they practice, they can open the flaps to see if they got the answer correct.

Tomorrow, students will being starting their paragraphs again and adding in one -ly word per sentence. Today we wrote a paragraph together on penguins adding in the -ly words as we went. I also read them a paragraph I had written on the exact same topic when I was taking the Blended Style and Structure (BSS) course.

Please don’t forget to send in your permission slip for the swim trip next week. If you have not seen it yet, it should be in your child’s planner. If you cannot not find it, simply click on the document in the widget on the lower right side. You can download the form from there.

More Notes in the Box!

As you may, or may not have noticed, there are some new notes in the widget on the right side. The first one is a copy of the swim trip permission form that was sent home today in case your child’s did not make it home. The next one is one of the worksheets your child was working on today. This one was all about -ly words which help make sentences more interesting. Actually, most -ly words are a form of adverb which help describe the action of the sentence. However, there are some, like the word lonely, which are used as adjectives.

The last note was a reminder about lunches. We have had quite a few problems with students forgetting lunches. When this happens, we usually ask the other students if anyone has anything to share. However, this then means that those students don’t get to eat all their lunch. The other problem we have had, is that some students are complaining that they are still hungry.

If you would please help your child by making sure that they remember their lunch and ask the if they are getting enough to eat, that would make sure that this problem gets solved.