A Fun Ride!

During the summer, I won’t be writing as much but will try to add some thoughts and fun things throughout the weeks. So keep checking back to see what I find!


A Little Canada, A Little Fun And A Little Learnin’ All In One!

So I was sitting on the coach taking a breather from a long day of working and thought to myself, “I need to get more fun stuff on the blog!” So here goes:

Just a reminder that tomorrow is our one year anniversary of Canada winning the gold at the Olympic Men’s Hockey tournament. It was such an exciting day. Remember to wear your Canada, Olympic or hockey gear tomorrow. Here is the magical memory from our friends at Youtube!

So, if you are feeling in the Olympic spirit and want to get into some physical activity but don’t happen to have an Olympic speed skating track in your basement, here is an easy to make ping pong game. Just get a couple of juice containers like in the picture and a wooden stick. Cut some holes through the juice containers (maybe get your parents to help. You don’t want to get an Olympic size injury!) and insert the wooden sticks through the holes. Voila! There is your ping pong game. Now, all you need is some paddles and a ping pong ball. If anyone wants to make one for the class and bring it in to show us, that would be fantastic!


Our dining room table gets used a lot and not just for dining.  We eat at our dining room table nightly but after the dishes get cleared, let the ping pong games begin!  We turned our dining room table into a ping pong table.  You can do it, too, by following these easy steps.

Ping Pong Table:  DIY Project Materials Needed

  1. 2 plastic containers (one for either side of the “net”) that holes can be poked into (I suggest Odwalla juice).  Must have lids.
  2. Pennies, marbles, sand or rocks to weight the plastic containers.
  3. Wood dowel to make a “net” to reach across your table.
  4. Screw driver or scissors to poke hole in plastic container.
  5. 2 ping pong paddles and balls.

First, empty, clean, and dry plastic containers.

Fill bottoms of each container with your material of choice.  I used pennies.  Put on lid.  Consider gluing lids on if you have little ones around.

Cut holes with scissors, screw driver or other tool.

Push wood dowel through holes.

Finally, here is a little learning fun for you. Not related to anything in our science this year, but learning is still fun no matter what it is or where it comes from. And who says we have to learn just what we have been told to learn. So here is a neat video showing the distance our Moon actually is from us.

Did you catch it? There was some stuff about light which is what we are studying now! If you missed it, watch it again. First person to tell me that it takes light one second to get to Moon, gets a prize!

Enjoy and we’ll see you tomorrow!

Spelling for the Week

Here are the spelling words and links to Spelling City for the week. Scroll all the way to the bottom for a special treat!



Here are the links to Spelling City! Remember! You can bring in your completed Spelling City test with 100% on it to receive an extra point on your spelling test! Why lose out on this great deal! Get your free mark today!

M6 O4

I found this picture the other day as I was roaming around on the net. Seeing as we all love Star Wars so much and also as we mourn the loss of our AT-AT and look towards the day when we get it back, I thought I would include this picture for fun! Enjoy!

What If Dr. Seuss Wrote Star Wars!


A Couple of Fun Things For You!

I thought I would start the week off with a couple of fun things for you! A puzzle and a video. The video is a real thing that happened in one of the world’s largest subways. It must have been pretty cool and everyone, especially the passengers, were very surprised! Lots of fun! Don’t you wish you had been there? I also embedded a winterish game for you to enjoy!

And Now For Something Completely Different!

It’s been awhile since we have had something fun on the blog and I found something really funny to share with you but first . . .

One of my fantastic students did something that I thought was really cool and I wanted to share it with you. As you may or may not know, at the end of every day, I play Rock, Paper, Scissors with my students. Unbeknown to me, Spencer, one of my totally cool and awesome students, has been graphing the results of our competitions! He brought it in to show me and I think it is one of the coolest things I have seen. How cool to see Math applied to real life things.  He even sorted by what was used each time by each of us. It was just perfect and I wanted to share his graph with you. I took the photo awhile ago but here it is. I’m probably winning by a lot now since the photo was taken . . .:) I think it is really amazing!


I am in need of 12 glass jars for Science. If anyone would be willing to lend us some glass jars for about a week, that would be great. You will get them back at the end of the lesson (unbroken, of course!).

I found this video yesterday and I thought it was one of the funniest videos that I have seen in awhile. So here it is. Enjoy and we’ll see you tomorrow!

Oh No . . . We’re Not Done Yet!!!

Well, the first day of summer holidays are here for me. I know the rest of you have all been enjoying the days of no school for about a week now but this is the first day for me! And how did I celebrate, you ask? Well, I woke up early with my children. However, I don’t mind. They are fun to be with and Liam has been calming down and is not quite as fussy as he has been since he was born which is nice.

I just wanted to say though; we’re not done! Though the school year is over, the blog is still yours to use. This will always be your blog to visit, to use the resources you have come to enjoy, and to say hi! Just because you are moving on to a new class and grade, this will always be your spot. Come and visit often, kick back your feet and stay for awhile! You know you want to! 🙂

Just to reward you for coming back to see us, I have a couple of soccer related videos for you and especially for Mr. Morris, who enjoys a good game of soccer! The first one is a silly one about those loud horns they have been using at the World cup called vuvuzellas. They are very loud and annoying. If you have watched any of the soccer games on tv or the computer, you would have heard them. They sound like very angry hornets!

Here is another video explaining the offside rule in soccer.

Funny Cat Video!

I wish I had thought of this. I think Gaston would be a great singer!

We are doing well here at home. We are very tired but very happy to be at home. Liam doesn’t seem to understand right now that sleep is a good thing and that 2:00 in the morning is not a good time to party but other than that, he is doing well. Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayer.

Spelling Words, Memory Verses and Class News, O My!

Happy Monday! Yes, I know that sounds strange. How can you have a Happy Monday? Easy! Come to Mr. H’s class and see all the hard working fun we have!!!

The students had a great day and we got lots of work done. In Language Arts, we are working on a great reading program called The Daily 3. This program strives to build students into independent readers who have the stamina to read for longer and longer periods of time while using a variety of comprehension skills to aid the understanding of what they are reading.

It is a great program and I am already seeing great results. We have started with the first part of the program called Read to Self. The idea of this part of the program is to focus on building stamina and reading for longer periods of time. Right now, the students have reached 11 minutes which is fantastic!!

At the beginning of each reading period we discuss the appropriate behaviours and the three types of reading that students can use to read their books. We talked as a class about reading the words of a story, reading the pictures of a story and re-telling the story. In the next couple of weeks, we are going to be reaching 30 minutes of focused reading everyday. We will also be talking about how to choose appropriate books for their reading ability. The it will be time to move to the next sections of the program: Reading to Others and Listening To Reading. The students are very excited and I have already heard many of the children saying that they love reading.

Here are the spelling words for this week:
Spelling J3

Here is something new this week. I introduced the students to a new website called Spelling City. It is a great site where students can see their spelling words, learn their spelling words, test their spelling words and play games using their spelling words. Whew! That’s a lot of “spelling words” words! The other neat thing is that students can print out handwriting pages with their spelling words and practice handwriting their words. They can even print out the words as sign language and practice signing them!!!! It’s a great site and it’s FREE!!!! I love free!!

All you have to do is click the Spelling City box with the J3 on it below.

Every Monday, there will be another box. Clicking on the box will take you straight to the spelling list for that week.

No hard links to remember, no fancy addresses to type out, no clicking through page after page of websites to get there! No Sireeee!!!!! You just click a simple click on the Spelling City box and you are there.


I have also told the students that if they test themselves and get 100%, they should print out the test results and/or the certificate and bring it to me for a bonus mark on their spelling marks for the report card!!!!

Finally, students received their first memory verses of the year. If you remember, I had sent home a homework reminder for the students to bring in their families favorite memory verses. This year, we are going to use those favorite verses for our memory verses. As these are special verses to people and mean a lot to each of us in different ways, I thought that it would be more meaningful for students to memorize those. Our first verse is below:

Dear Children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.

1 John 3:18

Finally, here is a funny video I found. It is hilarious!! Just wait for the surprise at the end!!