What’s That? A New Science Challenge?

Well, all right then! This will be our last Science Challenge this week  . . . and it’s all about music!! No, no, don’t worry your smart, curious, intelligent heads now. You don’t need to be able to read notes or anything. You can put away the old tuba collecting dust in the corner. This one is going to be a whiz-banger of creativity, a flim-sham of activity, a kerplutz of musical genius making. So without further ado (and with sounds of music running through my head!) here is the challenge:

Use any/all of the following materials to create a one man band contraption that you can wear and play. This is a great one to videotape!

rubber bands
paper clips
empty cereal container
a plate
2 spoons
2 objects of your choice
a bowl
a book
a hairbrush
a comb
3 soda cans

As you think about your design for this challenge take a listen to a news article about a real one man band and how he designed his!

Listen to a One Man Band – Interview from NPR

If you need some more inspiration, try this game out!

Games at Miniclip.com - One Man Band
One Man Band

Build your very own one man band!

Play this free game now!!

To end off, here is a an old favorite from Mary Poppins where Burt becomes a one man band!

Have fun! All projects are due on Monday, June 15th but you can always bring them in early!!!! The earlier you bring them in the less you have to worry about them!!!!!

Also, permission forms for the waterslides are due on Friday! Check the Important Dates area for more info on things coming up!

Late . . . Late . . .

Yes, well . . . Apparently, my attempts to try and be more consistent in writing these posts has come to naught. However, I am here with this weeks spelling words, memory verse and various other things. Here is this weeks spelling list: Spelling 0-2

Here is the link for the Spelling City list:

Our memory verse for this week is very easy. It comes from Psalms and the many of the students already were very familiar with it. However, it is definately a favorite as many students chose it to include in the list of memory verses we collected at the beginning of the year.

Psalm 23

A psalm of David.

1 The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.2 He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, 3 he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

Last week’s Science Challenge brought in some fantastic results. We have them hanging from the ceiling if you would like to come in and see them some time. I also created an animoto where you can see them all.

I have also included a new game in the links to the left. The games is called “Stars Over Half Moon Bay”. I am not sure you can call it a game though. Basically, you must select stars and drag them below the horizon. These stars can then be used to create constellations. That’s about it. Not quite as sophisticated as Dyson but it fits very nicely into our Space unit. Students have been learning all about constellations; how to find them and some neat facts about them. However, their final constellation is going to be one that they make up. They create their own constellation, draw it out and create neat facts about how their constellation came to be. Should be interesting.

Getting Ready for the Week!

This is going to be a very exciting week with lots happening. Not only are we going to get busy with our poetry (with only a few weeks left to get our poems done for the book publishing) but also with the Spelling Bee happenign this week and the Planetarium Fieldtrip happening on Weds!

So, to start the week off, I thought I would give you a head start on the Science Challenge for the week. This weeks challenge is all about puppets. Not the sock puppets that you may have created at one time or other (my favorite sock puppet was named Alfredo the Italian Sock! but I don’t have him anymore. He had a disastrous round with the washing machine) but an actual puppet using these guidelines:

Using the following materials, design a puppet that moves in at least two different ways. It may NOT be a hand puppet.

6 straws or pencils
a 12 x 12 square of aluminum foil
6 paper clips
6 inches of tape

You may use scissors in construction but not in the solution.

I am looking forward to your results and I have a great project for our next Science Challenge all lined up and ready to go!!! This project will be due Tuesday, May. 19.

I also found another article from the astronaut in space talking about brushing your teeth in space. Read the following article and see whether brushing your teeth in space is something you think you could do easily!

On a Space Shuttle, music is piped up from the Mission Control Center to wake you up. On the Space Station, you set your watch alarm. Or, as is sometimes the case on Earth, you awaken early, all on your own, wondering “What the H…?!”

A typical day in space (is there such a thing?) starts a lot like a day on the ground, except that you are floating. Turn off the alarm. Unzip yourself out of your sleeping bag. Open the doors to the sleep station, haul yourself out.

On the International Space Station, I fell into a routine of cleaning up in the evening before bed, and then wearing a clean T-shirt and underwear for sleep. In the morning, I was already half dressed. I would pull on a pair of Nomex shorts and white cotton gym socks, ready to get going. This was the typical uniform onboard, except for when the cameras were going to be on.

When we had a scheduled video interview, we would wear a polo-type crew shirt or, in the case of a serious event, don a flight suit.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning on Earth? Well, it’s not so different onboard a spacecraft. I will dedicate another entry to the issue of space toilets and leave it alone for now.

How about brushing your teeth? In zero gravity (or more accurately, microgravity, if you’re a stickler for such things), some things are easier, like moving medium or large mass items around, but many things are more difficult. It is unbelievably easy to lose things. Get distracted for a moment, and that toothpaste cap is gone! Even if you are good about anchoring such things behind a rubber bungee, some rookie going by could knock it loose.

So, how do you brush your teeth in space? Long ago, NASA started buying only toothpaste without detachable caps, thus solving the lost cap problem. So, start by filling a drink bag with water and bring it with you to the hygiene area. Tuck it behind a rubber bungee. Remove your hygiene kit from behind its bungee and unzip it. Find your toothbrush inside of your hygiene kit, safely tucked away inside of a fabric pouch with a Velcro top. But first, take out your toothpaste tube, and stick it to the wall, using the Velcro dot on it. Secure your hygiene kit behind a rubber bungee, after partially zipping it up, so that things don’t accidentally float out.

Still have your toothbrush between a couple of your fingers? Hopefully yes. Remove your drink bag, and with one thumb, flip open the straw clamp (which keeps liquid from seeping out of the bag), and gently squeeze out a bead of water onto your toothbrush, watch it get sucked into the bristles. Hold the straw of the drink bag in your teeth, and with one hand, fix the straw clamp in place, and replace the bag behind the bungee.

Almost all of the rest is fairly straightforward. Flip open the cap of the toothpaste tube, squeeze some out on your toothbrush, go to work on your teeth. Ok, you’re done. Now what? Where are you going to spit? There’s no sink. So—into a tissue? Then you’ve got a wet tissue, and what are you going to do with that?? So, I swallowed. Filled my mouth with water and swallowed again. Drew some water onto the toothbrush and sucked the water out. Dried the toothbrush onto a towel and replaced it, and the toothpaste, into the kit.

What’s left? Any idea? Yep, the drink bag. That, I would bring to bed with me, so that I would have something to sip on in the middle of the night, should I wake. Just like back home on Earth, except a bit more complicated. And, brushing your teeth is one of the simpler tasks that you’ll perform in space.

From Gizmodo

Have a great night and we’ll see you tomorrow!!!

New Challenge!!

Here is another challenge from one of my new favorite blogs. Here is the challange:

Build a house that is at least 9 inches long and 9 inches high using:

  • 1 package of chewing gum,
  • 1 paper cup (if you don’t have one handy, just do it without the cup),
  • paperclips,
  • 5 8.5 x. 11 sheets of paper,
  • 3 toothpicks, and
  • 3 bandaids.

You may use scissors during construction but not in the solution.

Here is the thing however. From this week on, these challanges are going to be part of our Science program. This means that they will also be a part of your Science mark from now to the end of the school year!!! Here is how it will work:

  1. You will get one week (from Monday to the following Monday) to complete the projects.
  2. You may get help from your family. In fact, I am hoping this will be a fun family project for everyone!
  3. On the Monday, we will display the projects and see all the different ideas people come up with.
  4. Pictures will also be taken to add to the blog to show off our creations.
  5. For completing your homework and bringing in the finished project, you will receive 5 marks. If you do not complete the project that week, you will receive no mark (unless you have talked to me beforehand with a very good reason why you can not complete the task).

I am hoping that we can have a lot of fun with these projects but I am also hoping that these projects will allow us to think differently and stretch our minds and creativity in new ways!!!

Our first project (the one above) starts tomorrow!! You have until next Monday, Apr. 6 to finish them!

Think – Be Challenged!!

I found a new site the other day with some great projects to do. The idea behind the projects is to make students think in new ways; to think outside the box. The challenges are inventive and creative in nature but also a lot of fun. I thought I would post the challenges on here so all of you can try them out.

Here is the first challenge:

Using the following materials, design a puppet that moves in at least two different ways. It may NOT be a hand puppet.

6 straws or pencils
a 12 x 12 square of aluminum foil
6 paper clips
6 inches of tape

You may use scissors in construction but not in the solution.

If you want to take a picture of your creation to put on the blog, just send the picture to the class email.

Have fun!