Can I Please Buy A Vowel?

I am seeing a whole lot of comments tonight which is great. Before I put down the computer for tonight and spend some time with my wonderful wife, I thought I would put a quick blog entry to highlight the new newsletter coming out tomorrow and mention a couple of things going on today. I have added some new links on the side including the cool link to the video of Mercury crossing the Sun. I just think that is so neat; this little planet going across the huge magnificence of the Sun. It certainly gives you another reminder of the awesomeness of God. There is also a link to a new logic game called Blobs. It is very addictive. The students really got into it.

So here is the newsletter for May. You can download it from the widget on the right. Don’t forget to vote in our new poll!

Friends, Romans, Countrymen Lend Me Your Ears . .

What a busy day of learning today!!!! Today we started a new poem called “Apologies”. Students brainstormed a variety of inanimate objects, then though out apologies for how they have used them. Whether it was sharpening a pencil or kicking soccer balls, students had a great time thinking up apologies for their actions! We did a sample poem together, which you can see below:

Read this doc on Scribd: i’m sorry

Students also finished studying the eight times tables, which are the last times tables the students had to learn. Actually, the only 8 times fact we had to learn was 8×8 as we had already learned all the other times tables and could apply those to learning the 8 times tables. For example, students already knew 2×8 so they also knew 8×2. After this, students will be working on multiplying multiple digits (ex. 28×2).

In social, we started a new project called “A Tribute To . . .” We have been learning about about everyday services and emergency services in class. Using that information we picked an emergency service to write a tribute about. We will take those tributes, add music and pictures to it and create a voicethread to add to our blog.

Finally, in science we have been making some fantastic discoveries. First students discovered that the Sun is huge compared to the Earth and Moon and that the moon is actually tiny compared to the Sun and Earth. We then then solved a mystery. WE have been wondering how it is possible for the moon to cover the sun during a solar eclipse if the Sun is so big. Using a couple of examples, (including one of the boys standing on a counter!) students discovered that the farther away something is from us, the smaller it looks. So the sun appears to be the same size as the moon because it is so far away!! Next week, I will show the students a neat website that shows what the sun looks like from different planets!!!!

I have included the spelling letter in the widget on the side. As well, I am working hard to get the May newsletter ready. Look for it coming soon!!!!

Science World!!!

bubbleWell, we’re off to science world today. The students are very excited! Please pray for a safe trip and a wonderful learning experience. Students will get the opportunity to wander around the exhibits as well participate in a workshop on structures. We will be getting back a little late today due to the timing of the workshops and the traffic but we should be back at approx. 4:00.

If you haven’t seen the March Newsletter, your child received it on Tuesday. Please take a look when you have the opportunity. If you have misplaced it and would like another copy, please download one from the right column in the box. Simply click on the document you would like and download load it to your desktop. From there, you will be able to open it and read about all the neat things happening in the class.

I will post more information on the field trip when we return this afternoon!!

Have a great day!

Spelling and New Poems

Well, it was a good day here in 3B. We got a lot done. With report cards around the bend, we are busy finishing up work and doing a few tests. Students will have a reading test on Tuesday and a Social Test on Weds.

We had another round of our Poetry Tournament today. It was “The Voice” against “Mother Doesn’t Want a Dog”. It was very close today, a nail-biter but Mother Doesn’t Want a Dog came out victorious by 1 vote (10-9).

As for the voting here on the website, it looks like “How to Eat a Poem” has continued it’s winning streak. Today, we have two other poems for you to vote on (vote is actually one of our spelling words today! Cool!).

We have “Squirrels In My Notebook” against “Listen to the Mustn’ts”.



Ms. Cull was our guest poetry reader on Wednesday and gave a wonderful rendition of the poem “Courage”. She used a lot of great expression, fluency and rhythm in her reading to make her poem interesting and meaningful. Have a listen:


To finish off, I have added the permission form for our trip to Science World in the box on the right side. Simply click on the docuement and choose where you want it to download it.


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