Beach Day on Thursday

Sometime during the long, dark winter months, we like to enjoy a small taste of the summer to come. Thursday is Beach Day for the elementary (Primary and Intermediate). Students can wear regular clothes or beach style clothes. For Beach Day, we usually wear summer-y clothes like shorts, t-shirts, hawaiian t’s and the like. Nothing skimpy like shirts that show bellies, spaghetti straps, no actual swimsuits or the like. We crank the heat a little and have some fun. Students should bring something to cover up with or change into for after school if the weather is colder and rainy.

Spelling and Memory Verse for the Week

After a brief vacation from our spelling and memory verses, we are once again getting back into the swing of things. Here is the spelling for the week:

P6 by ihancock on Scribd

Don’t forget to do your pre-test on Spelling City to get your bonus mark!

Our memory verse for the week comes from Romans 8:31

What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

Skating Update

Sorry for the confusion. I did the original post on Sunday night and for some reason it posted it as Monday. There is no skating today. We are trying to re-schedule the skating date and I will update you when we have done that. So far, we still have the January 23rd date. Sorry for the confusion.


Skating Tomorrow

Just a note that, should there still be school tomorrow, we will be going skating. Please make sure that students have all their skating items, unless they are renting skates. Also, if you have not handed in the skating permission forms, they are due tomorrow along with payment, should your child be renting equipment. It is $8 dollars for two skating sessions for skates and $4 for two sessions of skating if they are needing a helmet.

Students may also wear play clothes tomorrow.


Notes and Reminders

Good morning!

Hard to believe the first week back is already done! Here are some notes and reminders as the weekend approaches:

  1. Winter Weather: Today will be the last day for picking up students directly from the classroom. Unless the weather worsens again, students will be released as usual at the end of the day starting on Monday.
  2. PD Day: Just a reminder that our next PD day is Jan. 13. It was changed before Christmas due to an opportunity for teachers to hear Sir Ken Robinson; a world renowned speaker on educational issues.
  3. Ski Trip Waiver forms: Signed Ski Trip Waivers are due on Monday if you have a child going skiing. Everyone skiing must sign the form.
  4. Ski Trip Online Registration: The online registration for the ski trip will close at the end of Monday.
  5. Ski Trip Payment: Ski Trip payments can be made on Tuesday and Wednesday from approx. 3:15 in the school lobby.
  6. Skating Forms: Permission forms for skating are due as soon as possible. Just a reminder that if students are renting skates ($4) and/or helmets ($2), the cost is per session. So, if your child needs to rent skates for both sessions, the cost would be $8 for skates and $4 for helmet.

Ski Trip Registration Now Open!

Ski trip registration is now open and available for you to sign up for a wonderful day of snow and sun. Just click on the link at the top of the page to get started. Online registration ends on Monday. Waiver forms are also due on Monday. Please note that if your child is planning on not attending, I need a note so that I can keep track of who is going and who is staying at home.


As happens every year, students in Grades 4-6 get to participate in two skating trips a year. This year our skating trips are in January. The first of the skating trips is coming up on Monday, January 9th and a permission form went home today. The second trip is on Monday, January 23rd. Students may bring their own skates and helmet or rent them from the rink. The cost of the rental is $4.00 per skating session for skates and $2.00 per session for a helmet (which is, unfortunately, not clear on the permission form). If you child is absent and or you did not get a form, you can click on the link below to download a form to print out:

Ice Skating Permission 2017