What’s Included

Included are:

  • Directions
  • Ideas for helping with reading at home
  • Challenge pages
  • My Home Reading Journal Template
  • Ideas for Reading Responses

To get the resources online, click on the tab labeled “My Home Reading Journal” and click on the Get Resources link on the dropdown menu that will appear.


  • Set up a reading time for your child each evening. Try to keep it consistent. Some good times are just after supper or before bedtime. At the beginning of the year, 10-20 minutes a night is a good length of time. As the year goes on, your child should be reading for longer periods of time. I will understand if your child misses a night or two during the week due to other things that are happening. Those other events are often important and just as beneficial in other ways. However, please be careful that missing doing the home reading at night does not become a pattern.

    1. When the reading time is over:
      1. Fill in the calendar in your child’s planner with the number of minutes read and your signature.
      2. If your child is done their book, write the name of the book on the day that your child completed the book in your child’s planner. This should be done on the regular homework planner pages, not the calendar.


These are for the children who have a hard time finding books they want to read. Experiencing a wide variety of books and genres is a great way to find new books and series to love. To help you with finding these great books, I have included some challenge pages for book ideas. Your child can use these to help them find books of a variety of genres and styles. This can be a fun activity and also helpful in finding interesting books from the library.

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