Some Notes

It’s been a busy few weeks here in the Grade 4/5 class. I just wanted to make you aware of a few things:

  1. Pink Shirt Day – In support of the BC anti-bullying initiatives, students are invited to wear pink on Wednesday. They do not have to wear the official pink shirt as in years past. If they have a Pink Shirt Day shirt from previous years, they can also wear that. They should try to wear something with as much pink as possible that day. Students are also able to wear their regular uniforms that day as well.
  2. Skating: Our last skating date will be next Monday. Students should bring their skating items to school that day. Skating will take place from 1-2pm with the bus departing at 12:30.
  3. Jump Rope for Heart: It’s that time of year again where students are out collecting money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. This is a great cause and it also benefits Highroad as we also get prizes and funds to purchase more equipment to supplement our physical education classes at school. Students are bringing home the forms today and we would encourage all families to help their child(ren) fund-raise for this important cause.

On a slightly different note….

I don’t usually talk about our music of the week but if you don’t know, each week I try to share a different artist or genre of music from my collection. I like to share music from all areas including jazz, classical, musicals, soundtracks, folk, etc (I tend to stay away from heavy metal, rap and hip-hop). This week, I was highlighting a really interesting jazz singer by the name of Mandy Harvey. The interesting thing about her is that she is …. deaf. While she grew up with perfect pitch and a dream to be a choir director, at the age of 18 she lost her hearing. However, she overcame this challenge and continue to push herself musically, not letting being deaf stop her from doing what she loved. Here are a couple of videos on her.


Tuesday and More

Well, that was quite a week, eh? Hope you were somewhere safe and warm this past week.

On Tuesday, students will finally get to do their spelling test that I know that they are all so excited to finally complete! They will also get a chance to do their memory verse on that day.

As it is Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, it is Valentine’s dress-up. Students may come to school in casual clothes wearing pink, red or white or any combination thereof. If they do not want to wear casual, they may of course where their usual uniforms. They may also bring Valentine’s cards if they like as long as they make sure there is one for everyone in the class.

On Weds, I also handed out some study notes for their upcoming Science test next Friday. I have also put a copy here should that copy not make it home. 🙂

Space Study Guide

Space Study Guide by ihancock on Scribd

Important Notes for the Week

Good morning!

I hope you are enjoying this cold weather as much as I am! Bob is outside as I speak, trying to make snow hippopotami in our backyard (though not have very much luck. They keep blowing away).

Due to all the missed days of school, we will do our memory verse and spelling test on Friday. Friday will now be a regular day of school. Due to the missed days, our Friday PD day has been canceled.

Upcoming Missions Events


  1. Travel sized personal hygiene products such as but not limited to shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shaving cream, or any other travel sized product that one can purchase at a dollar store or grocery store
  2. Student supplies: Pencils, pens, pads, paper, erasers, calculators, kid scissors, pencil crayons, geometry kits, crayons, etc.—SCHOOL RELATED.

There will be no toys or clothes collected this year.  The Thailand staff requested only the lists above. IF EACH CLASS COULD PROVIDE A BACKPACK, AS WELL, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!




Dogs and Fries lunch. This is a great way to give while getting fed!

Hot dogs are $3 and Fries are $3. These prices are set for the purpose of generating funds for projects.

Important Details:

  • Order forms are available from the teacher.
  • All orders are pre-order ONLY!  (We will not be selling at the kitchen doors)
  • The due date for orders to be in is Thursday Feb 9th. This is a hard date. No orders will be taken after this date. (After school Thursday is fine.)

Math Mayhem 2017

Highroad Academy will once again be offering fun, challenges and math all mixed together into one crazy family night full of math mayhem! In fact, we are calling it Math Mayhem!

Math Mayhem,  happening on January 31, from 6:30-8:00 is a great family game night for parents to bring their kids to play math games and just have lots of great math fun with the whole family. This is an opportunity to see and experience math as something fun and less intimidating. Students and families from grades 1-9 are welcome to attend.

Plan to come out and join us!

Winter Olympics Tomorrow!

As our cold winter drags on, the intermediates thought it would be fun to get into the whole winter spirit and celebrate the winter Olympics Highroad style. We will be bringing our classes down to the gym tomorrow afternoon and having lots of fun doing modified versions of curling, ski jump, biathalon and floor hockey amongst other things.

Your child should have received their team colour yesterday written in their planner to wear for tomorrow. Should be lots of fun!