Our crazy end of year is not over yet!

  1. Waterslides on Monday: It looks like it will be a very hot day. Please make sure students come to school with lots of sunscreen on. They will also need towels, lunches, snacks and hats along with a waterbottle. The bus will be leaving at 9:00 and returning at approx. 3:30.
  2. Cupcake/Donut sale tomorrow: Please bring any donations of cupcakes/donuts to the classroom or the front foyer. Thank you for you donations.
  3. Sports Day on Friday: Friday morning will be our Sports Day. It is casual dress that day with students wearing their team colour or as close to as possible. We know it’s not always possible and we don’t expect students to go out and purchase something specifically for this event. We are also looking for any parents who might be able to help out. It would be from 9:15 to noon though you are still welcome even if you can only stay for a little bit. Please let myself or Mrs. Doerksen know.

I know that we often ask a lot but we are always appreciative of our parent community. You are what makes Highroad such a special place.


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