Last week, in Science, we were studying a mysterious substance I found in my backyard. I brought it to school and showed it to the students highlighting the fact that scientists study mysterious things all the time and use a well know process to determine the answers to mysteries. As a class, we are trying to determine the nature of this mysterious substance by following the scientific process. On Friday, we made our observations and came up with a question. Tomorrow, we will make our predictions and see if our predictions and observations are correct. Our question is:

What will happen when we add water to the mystery powder?

Before we do that though, I thought I would throw a picture of the mysterious substance onto the blog and see if the folks at home can guess what it is!

We also talked about teamwork and working effectively as a group, recognizing that things work much better when we work as a group and listen to each other. To learn this, the students did a fun activity where they…. well, I’ll let you watch yourself!

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