So nice to see you! You’re looking well. How was your summer? It looks like you had lots of fun. I am so pleased see you in my class this year. Some of you are old faces coming back and some of you are new faces to Highroad. We are going to have so many adventures together this year. It will be a different year with new units and topics to explore and having a class shared by both Grade 4’s and Grade 5’s will be very interesting, I am sure. I am so incredibly excited by the possibilities.

I thought I would include this video just to kick things off. This brand new teacher in Chicago created this amazing video welcoming his Grade 4 students back to school. While we have a Grade 4/5 this year, I loved the energy and sentiment and feel much the same way about welcoming you back to our class. I wish I could have done something like this but enjoy the video anyway and just pretend it’s me singing about Grade 4/5. You can do that right? 🙂

Oh… and welcome back!

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