Worship Chapel

In past years, we have usually ended our year by awarding our Term 3 Citizenship and Academic Awards to our students, as well as having each class showcased through a performance or video, at a Year End Assembly. As we look ahead to the end of this year, we would like to do something that is a little more low-key and better celebrates our journey with God during the past year.
This year, our citizenship awards and academic awards will be presented during our final chapel/assembly time. For the intermediates, this will be happening in the Chapel on June 20 starting at 9:15 during our usual chapel time.
On the last day of school, students from both the primary and intermediate will gather in the Chapel at 11:15 to worship and pray. We will be singing some songs, praying for our summer, hearing a message from one of our teachers and just spending some last few moments together before our year is finished. Just to note, students will be dismissed at 12:00 from their classrooms on June 23rd. This is a change from last year, where students were dismissed right after the assembly. 
We’re hoping that this change will provide a more spiritual end to our school year and that students will enjoy an opportunity to celebrate God’s work in our lives as well as an opportunity to pray for the summer.

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