Track Meet is finally upon us and we are looking forward to a beautiful, fun day under the sun! Some last minute reminders before tomorrow:

  • Please make sure that the following items are packed: sunscreen, hoodie, sunglasses, hat, water bottle, snacks, lunch, running shoes, something non-electronic to do on the bus.
  • The bus will be leaving at 7:00. We need to leave early as the events start exactly at 9:00. They are starting earlier this year so we can leave earlier.
  • The bus will be coming back at approx. 3:45 depending on traffic.
  • Money is only needed if your child is wanting to buy something at the canteen. Students do not have to bring money.

I have posted the letter that went home again for reference.

Track and Field 2016 Letter to Parents by ihancock on Scribd

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