The count down is on regarding the ski trip. The Intermediate ski trip is this Friday, Jan. 24th. I was informed today that there is one more waiver form to be completed and returned by Thursday.  Please check with your child on Tuesday to get it signed and returned ASAP.

On Friday, if your child is riding the bus, please have them to the school lobby by 6:30, as the bus is scheduled to leave at 6:45 am (sharp).  We will not be able to delay for late comers. For the afternoon pickup, please be at the school at 4:30 pm. Please do not wait for a call from your child as this will delay the teachers having to wait as well.

Students should bring plenty of food and juice as we’ll be gone for about 10 hours. Please remember to bring your ski pass (if you have one), sleds & a helmet if you aren’t renting, plenty of warm clothes (a change of dry clothes is a good idea for the trip home), and something to do on the bus (no electronics please).  We’d appreciate your prayers for safety, and God’s protection on our day.

PS. Parents, if you are driving to the ski hill, you do not need to meet us at the school first.  In fact we encourage you to arrive at the ski hill ahead of the bus as the rental office is willing to process your rentals before the bus arrives. Just let them know that you are part of the Highroad Intermediate field trip and make sure they check your name off of the registration list. Tell them your ID number and that will help them find your registration.

Your child’s teacher will be giving out the ID numbers to help facilitate finding your names on the registration list (or you may ask at the office as they will also have a list.) When the bus arrives, lift tickets will be handed out first, and then those who are taking lessons will be given their rentals next.

We’re looking forward to a great day at Manning!  See you there!

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