I was highlighting a couple of neat sites today for the kids. One was a really fun site from an american zoo. It allows you to create a “wild animal” in your likeness. The other site is a site to help learn the mulitplication tables but also includes a free game you can download to learn the multiplication tables.

The first site, “Build Your Wild Self” was created by the New York Zoos and Aquariums group. In this site you can build a representation of yourself, then add body parts from other animals. Once you are done you can then learn about the different types of animals you have used. You can then print it out, send it to someone or put it as your desktop. You can see my example here.

The other site, “Multiplication.com” has lots of great resources and activities for learning your multiplication tables. There are games, downloads and activities to use with your children. The best part is that there is a free game which you can get to from the site or by clicking here. Once you scroll to the bottom, you will see that there is a sign-up where you will need to put your name and email. The reason they ask for your email is so that they can send you the link to download it. If you like you can use our class email which is mrhclass-at-gmail.com (using the at sign instead of the word) and our password which I will not type here but has something to do with Mr.H’s evil twin brother! You will then get an email with the link which you will have to click. The download will start. Once that is done, you will need to install the program and then play!

Have fun and have a great weekend!!!

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