It was a great day today. We got a lot of work done today and the students are really starting to feel confident with multiplication. Many of them said that before this year, they were worried that they were going to find multiplication hard but now think that it will be really easy which is great to hear though we are still just getting into introducing the concept.

Science today was really interesting. Some of the students had made an actual Oobleck machine out of different materials and we spent a little bit of time exploring their creations and testing how they worked. One of the students then asked a really good question about what an Oobleck creature would look like so we spent some time talking about that. I will put some pictures on the blog of the machines when I get my camera back (my wife has it right now, and is holding it hostage until I bring the memory card back home from school!). I also have some audio clips of students talking about their oobleck drawings and will add those when I have some time.

Here are the spelling words for this week. Again you can see them below, click the link above for download them from the widget on the right hand side.

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