The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it. Psalm 24:1

We took some time to get back into our other subjects today after spending yesterday on our poems. We did our monthly 30 word spelling test. Following that, we discovered multiplying two and three digit numbers with one digit numbers. The students caught on quickly and I think had a good understanding on the concept by the end of the class. We teach multiplying multiple digits differently from when I went to school but I think this way gives the students a better understanding of the concept which they can then build on when we get to larger numbers.tornadoStudents will be having a short quiz/test next Science period on sizes of objects in space. Basically, I am testing to see how well they understand that the farther things are away from us, the smaller they appear. So the Sun appears to be the same size as the Moon because it is much farther away from us than the Moon.

Mr. Beynon also came by today and showed us a neat way to create tornado with two pop bottles and blue-dyed water. Basically, take two pop bottles, glue the caps together, drill a hole through the two caps, put the water with the dye into one of the two bottles and screw the lids back on. Finally, flip the bottles over and swirl them around until you get tornado going. Cool! I’m glad I’m not swimming in there though!!!!

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