3B had another busy and exciting day today. We ended the day with gymnastics. It was wonderful seeing how much the students enjoyed participating in the class. They were very excited and bouncy. I myself would not have been able to move if I had tried to do any of the stretches, tumbles, twists or rolls your children were doing. It was a lot of fun to watch.

Unfortunately, we ran out of time to do the math quiz today. So the children have another night to practice their 3, 5, 9 times tables. I have told the students that these are easy marks and that, if I was going to just give them easy marks, they should all get 100%. I have given them pages to take home to practice all the times tables. These are colouring pages with the math facts on them. When they are done, they can cut the sides of the page to make flaps. These flaps cover the answers. As they practice, they can open the flaps to see if they got the answer correct.

Tomorrow, students will being starting their paragraphs again and adding in one -ly word per sentence. Today we wrote a paragraph together on penguins adding in the -ly words as we went. I also read them a paragraph I had written on the exact same topic when I was taking the Blended Style and Structure (BSS) course.

Please don’t forget to send in your permission slip for the swim trip next week. If you have not seen it yet, it should be in your child’s planner. If you cannot not find it, simply click on the document in the box.net widget on the lower right side. You can download the form from there.

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